Alexia Montanari is a mother of two and is trained as a clinical psychologist. She is deeply connected to the practice of mindfulness and the contemplative tradition from which it comes. Her work in this field, incorporates both a personal journey and a professional one. 

She has studied and practiced mindfulness and mindfulness meditation for over a decade now. Whilst working for the NHS in London, she had the privilege of initially being taught by Prof Mark Williams, then the head of Oxford Centre for Mindfulness and one of the founders of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. She later attended training with Jon Kabat Zinn and Sue Cooper. 

Her special interest lies in how the practices can be applied in schools, with young people, teachers and parents. She completed a professional training in London for a Mindfulness in Schools program (MiSP) and now holds mindful parenting talks and runs various mindfulness in schools programs in Cape Town. Alexia also holds adult workshops in Franschhoek focusing on unpacking the core teachings of mindfulness and its application. She previously taught on the Clinical Psychology Masters Program at UCT for four years looking at how mindfulness can be used in the clinical setting. She is passionate about dispelling the myths surrounding the teachings and sharing the cultivation of compassion and loving awareness, accessible to all


PS 0075191

MA Clin Psych ( WITS)

PG Diploma in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (University Royal Holloway and CNWL Mental Health Trust, NHS, London)

Mindfulness in Schools ( MiSP, London)